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Obesity is a national problem impacting all communities and people of all economic statuses. We can help ... but need your help.


Will you help us?


Obesity is a national problem that causes countless physical health and mental health issues. It impacts the rich and poor, and people of all creeds and races. But it is especially challenging for individuals with chronic disease and who are economically disadvantaged.


Our model is to help all people who suffer from nutritional, weight, and associated health and wellness challenges, without regard to ability to pay.

The educational, evidence based, and proven practices that we employ bring sustainable physical and mental health to those in need, lowers the cost of healthcare delivery associated with the comorbidities of obesity, and  improves the quality of life for individuals and families.


Will you help us support children and families at risk?

Child at the Doctor's Office

Source: US Center for Disease Control (CDC)

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