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Combining exercise with a healthy diet is the most effective way to lose weight and reduce the risk and effects of certain diseases.

The challenge of obesity is greatest for individuals with chronic disease, who are economically disadvantaged, or lack the family structure to support them on the journey to health and wellness.

Our model combines nutrition and diet coaching, exercises scaled to a person's abilities and limitations, and personalized and consistent personal encouragement and support. By engaging the entire family rather than just the individual, we create an environment of shared engagement and mutual support

The process works.

Here are a few case studies illustrating the process and the results.

Mary, Teenager at an Urban Middle School
Portrait of a Girl

Growing up in a single parent household where her mother worked two jobs, Mary's diet consisted primarily of fast food and cereal. By time Mary completed elementary school, her poor eating habits led to weight gain and ultimately diabetes. The mental toll was significant and Mary was embarrassed to to be outside.

For Mary, our program focused on:

  • Nutrition and meal coaching for parent and child, making meals a shared and fun experience

  • Individualized exercise programs starting slowly and building so that Mary felt positive every step of the way

  • Encouragement and confidence building exercises

  • Once more confident, group exercise and coaching sessions where new friendships emerged

Tyler, 4th Grader at a Charter School
Child at the Doctor's Office
A natural joker and funny guy, Tyler started to shutdown as he was bullied and teased at school. Advice from his pediatrician didn't help, and he needed more. He needed a way to make fitness fun, rebuild his self-confidence and regain his swagger.

For Tyler, our program focused:
  • Making fitness fun through encouragement and confidence building exercises
  • Building friendships with groups of kids in similar circumstances
  • Teaching and engaging with the family, so that nutrition became a family initiative and Tyler was not singled out
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