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Mary Jo Korona
Mary Jo S. Korona

Attorney and Senior Counsel with Adams Leclair LLP, a law firm she co- founded in 2008.  For the past 27 years Mary Jo has practiced law as a litigator, in federal and state courts, handling various issues arising in disputes involving businesses, medical practices, colleges and universities and municipalities. 

Fraida Levinson
Fraida Levinson


I have lived in Rochester for 47 years and been active in the community. A native of Newburgh, NY I obtained both a BS and MS in Accounting and began my professional life started as a CPA.  I continued as a commercial banker, and commercial insurance agent until retiring from First Niagara in 2007.  

Growing up in a family with morbid obesity, cardiac and diabetes related issues I am committed to leading a healthier life.  I am interested in helping others reduce similar risks and lead a healthy lifestyle.  For over 10 years  I enjoyed helping others strive for a healthier life as a leader with Weight Watchers.  Now I am committed to helping others with similar challenging health issues.

Cathy Hahn MD
Cathy Hahn

Dr. Hahn has been practicing at Pittsford Pediatrics for over 25 years. She is a fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics who earned her medical degree from Albany Medical College, a master's degree from SUNY Buffalo, and is a Cornell University graduate. She is the Co-founder of Rochester School of Fitness.

Zachary Kramer MD
Zachary Kramer

Zachary B Kramer M.D. is a medical oncologist and hematologist at the Lipson Cancer Institute of Rochester Regional Health.   He received specialty training at the University of Rochester and has practiced in Rochester for over 30 years.

Mido Zelenjakovic
Mido Zelenjakovic

Mido, a former professional European volleyball player, and coach who holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Sports Management and Physical Education from the SUNY College at Brockport. Mido was a personal trainer at Oak Hill Country Club and had an internship with the PGA in 2003. He is the Co-founder of Rochester School of Fitness.

Mike Kirby
Mike Kirby.jpg

Mike Kirby


I am Vice President of Engineering for Workplace Solutions at Xerox.  I am responsible for engineering and acquisition activities for app products in our workplace solutions business.  My interests with Mido and Rochester School of fitness can through my older son’s desire to make the baseball team.  His middle school coach told him he was too weak.  With focus on nutrition and exercise, he rose to become a starter and all-county by senior year.  Even today in his mid-20’s he keeps a food log and focuses on exercise and nutrition.  Life-long skills he learned at Rochester school of fitness.

Robert Pickels
Robert Pickels

Rob is the Chief Investment Officer of Whitney & Company, a Rochester-based Registered Investment Advisor (RIA).  As a collegiate athlete, exercise and fitness have been a focal point throughout his life.  He believes the sacrifice, discipline, and hard work that accompany a good health and fitness program teach foundational habits and important lessons that can be drawn upon throughout one’s life. Rob, his wife Katie, and both of his children have worked with Mido at Rochester School of Fitness since 2015, both individually and together as a family.

Mike Kamish
Mike Kamish

Mike Kamish is an engineer and entrepreneur. The founder of health-tech company Bio-Optronics,Inc., Mike continues to develop products and build businesses with his new company, Continual Care Solutions, Inc.

Paul LeClair
Paul LeClair

Paul Leclair is an attorney and founding partner of the Adams Leclair LLP law firm.  He has held leadership positions in several charitable & professional organizations, including Saint’s Place, the Pirate Toy Fund, Boy Scouts of America, and the Monroe County Bar Association. Paul, his wife Rebecca, and their children have all trained with Mido, the founder of FTI, since 2006 and consider him part of the family.

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