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Mido and Cathy are the team
Medical Fitness Specialist-Badge
AdFS badge Adaptive Fitness Specialist

The Fitness Initiative is the dream of exercise specialist Mido Zelenjakovic and board-certified pediatrician Cathy Hahn. Mido, a former professional European volleyball player and coach, holds a Bachelor of Science in Sport Management and Physical Education from the SUNY College at Brockport. Dr. Hahn is a fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics who earned her medical degree from Albany Medical College, a master's degree from SUNY Buffalo, and a Cornell University graduate.


Mido and Cathy began their work together in 2006 when they launched the Rochester School of Fitness, a fitness facility that provides an array of services for helping children and adults of all ages and abilities achieve an enhanced level of fitness and health. They are building on that success and, through the Fitness Initiative, can now extend those services to those who cannot afford or access health and fitness services on their own. Mido earned Medical Fitness Specialist and Adaptive Fitness Specialist with the MedFit network to serve the population better and with quality fitness field.


Scientific and evidence based practices are the keys to safe, predictable , and successful results. All of the work we do is based on sound research and evidence to make sure our children and families achieve the best possible outcomes.


Fitness and wellness should never be limited by economic need or genetics. Each person has the capacity to live life to their maximum and we strive to help them achieve that goal.


No two people and no families follow the same life journey. The TFI team creates personalized, supportive, and effective program content for each unique individual and family to assure that each experience is optimized for their specific needs.

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