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Obesity is a national problem affecting children and families of all walks of life and economic status.

The challenge of obesity is greatest for individuals with chronic disease, who are economically disadvantaged, or lack the family structure to support them on the journey to health and wellness.

We can help. Our model is to help all people who suffer from nutritional, weight, and associated health and wellness challenges, without regard to ability to pay. We employ educational, evidence based, and proven practices and support to the individual and their family.

This holistic, 360 degree approach we employ brings sustainable physical and mental health to those in need, lowers the social cost of healthcare delivery associated with the comorbidities of obesity, and improves the quality of life for individuals and families.

CDC Fact Sheet

We provide a comprehensive and complete health and wellness program for all families, without regard to economic status or ability to pay.


Our program includes evidence based strategies for:

  • Personalized family and individual caching and mentorship

  • Group and individual physical fitness coaching and guidance

  • Nutritional and meal planning supports

  • Life coaching that reinforces healthy life habits that affect physical and mental well being.

Source: US Center for Disease Control

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